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How we do Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing can basically be defined as the process of converting and repairing old worn out surfaces containing cracks and fissures through utilizing new cost-effective methods. Master Concrete is your perfect go-to place in order to get your concrete resurfaced without any hassle and to make it look exactly like a new floor. Concrete resurfacing has made it possible to transform your driveway, patio, pool side and walkways and make them fresh and classy.

Concrete is one element with unlimited experimental potentials. It is the perfect thing to brighten up your living surroundings and can be creatively utilized to create various architectural and picturesque designs. It completely depends upon the client to select the form of resurfacing that he may want. These include stamping, stenciling and etching etc. Resurfacing of concrete can be undertaken by either repairing an already existing worn out surface or by placing an entirely new surface on top of the other.

1. The first step before initiating the resurfacing of any concrete exterior that you may own is to check whether it is even in need of repair. This can be done easily by checking the surface’s current condition for cracks, dents and wear and tear due to weather conditions. However, it is more convenient to consult a Master Concrete Specialist for an expert opinion.

2. The process included in concrete resurfacing begins with a high pressure cleaning after removing anything that may be placed on top of the said concrete.

3. Any bare walls are covered and the basic covering to the outer layer is done.

4. The next step is to put in the requisite design (e.g. stencil) in place and spray it with two layers of the basic color.

5. Once dried and made permanent, the almost-transparent sealer is then sprayed/rolled on top of the layer of paints.

6. Another layer is added soon after to add another layer of protection.

The resurfaced concrete can be put back to use after a time as short as 1 day.

Therefore, the ideal course of action that should be opted for those with old, damaged and discolored concrete surfaces is to get it transformed in order to improve its overall look, save money, conserve resources and to eliminate any disposal issues. Master Concrete excels in providing all types of guaranteed concrete-related procedures with exclusive components and unique skills provided in accordance to the customer’s demands and requirements. We focus on achieving hundred percent customer satisfaction and provision of quality service with the best commercial grade products to present you with stunning and perfect surfaces for years to come.