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What To Expect From Master Concrete’s Epoxy Flooring Service

Concrete epoxy coatings are very popular surfaces in commercial settings like auto showrooms, but are also making their way into the residential sector. Since concrete epoxy coatings are far more durable than paint and resistant to grease and oils, many homeowners are opting to install them in their garages. Concrete epoxy coating is likely to adhere best to a slightly roughed surface; so the final step in concrete surface preparation for epoxy is roughing the surface. This can be done mechanically (called profiling) or chemically (called etching).

Epoxy Flooring Before & After

epoxy_before epoxy_after

Epoxy_Kitchen_A20150228_095732 Epoxy_Kitchen_B20150301_115252

Epoxy_Kitchen_C20150228_165544 Epoxy_Kitchen_D20150301_115301


Epoxy_Garage_20141126_073314 Epoxy_Garage_20141128_091147


Epoxy colours / Price Guide

Industrial / Commercial Epoxy Flooring – Jotun Paints

25m2 Industrial / Commercial type Epoxy = from 1600 ($64+/m2)
50m2 Industrial / Commercial type Epoxy = from 1900 ($38/m2)
100m2 Industrial / Commercial type Epoxy = from 3400 ($35/m2)

Prices can vary significantly from job to job depending on SIZE, CONDITION OF THE CONCRETE, TYPE OF PRODUCT WE USE so please send us your requirements and we’ll give you a price.
If you have photos, please attach these to the form so we can better equipped to provide price guides.


Designer / Flake Type Epoxy Flooring – Parchem Paints

25m2 Designer (Flake) Type Epoxy = from 1800 ($72/m2)
50m2 Designer (Flake) type Epoxy = from 2500 ($50/m2)
100m2 Designer (Flake) type Epoxy = from 3900 ($38/m2)

Designer / Flake type epoxy floorin

Designer / Flake type epoxy floorin

5yearWarrantyWe give a 5 year warranty on our epoxy flooring work so you can rest assured the quality of our work will be awesome. This guarantee ensures the epoxy paint will not peel, excluding normal wear and tear
Application process
We know that the creation of an epoxy floor involves the placement of a protective layer of resin on top of an exposed area of concrete. The resin is usually clear in appearance and smooth of texture but it is non-slippery. Special applications are usually made to floor surfaces that are made from marble and terrazzo material.

Qualities of epoxy flooring
We also know that first and foremost, epoxy flooring seals and protects any concrete floor. It lengthens the life of the concrete and adds lustre to the appearance of the floor surface. The surface of an epoxy floor is tough, durable and rigid and is therefore well suited for a myriad uses. Epoxy flooring is water and dust proof which renders the surface remarkably easy to clean in a very short time. Its durable nature lengthens the life of the floor surface itself and assures the owner of a maintenance free surface. In addition to being durable, epoxy is also very cheap and in terms of quality gained, that’s a real bargain.

Epoxy Floors in Home
We believe that every home owner harbours a secret wish to make improvements one way or another and choosing epoxy flooring is a step in the right direction. If you are planning on a change, we can immediately meet your needs whether it be a polished look, colour, texture or even a special exterior finish. Epoxy resin attracts a minimum of dust and allergens and if you are allergic to them, epoxy flooring is the answer. More and more people are also choosing epoxy floorings because they are very easy to clean.

Industrial and Commercial Settings
Another remarkable quality of epoxy flooring we prize is its suitability for industrial and commercial premises. It’s so durable and tough it can withstand heavy loads without succumbing to cracks and other load induced damages or even sharp instruments. The latter quality makes it the perfect choice for kitchens and toilets not forgetting that epoxy flooring always adds a fresh look to wherever it is placed.



Retail Spaces
We also recommend epoxy flooring for private premises such as restaurants, cafes, malls and shopping centres. The logic here is that many people frequent these places every day. Many people means a lot of weight moving about stamping shoe marks, dents and scrawled lines on naked surfaces, but never on epoxy flooring. It is too strong and hard-wearing to suffer from these inadvertent acts.

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Epoxy Flooring Prices

Protect and seal your concrete floor. Lengthens the life, additional protective resin, clear, non-slippery and extremely polished finish. Industrial / Commercial Epoxy Flooring 25m2 Industrial / Commercial type Epoxy = from 1500 ($60/m2) 50m2 Industrial / Commercial type Epoxy = from 1900 ($38/m2) Prices Only from $22.00 / m2 for very large areas (over 200m2) […]

Epoxy Flooring Gallery

Below, you’ll find some epoxy flooring examples. Epoxy is great for non slip surfaces like basements and garages in homes or industrial / retail applications.   FILL IN THE CONTACT FORM FOR A FREE QUOTE TODAY!

Why People Choose Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is the new must-have for your house. This wonder product made from epoxy resins is the best type of protection from scratches and marks that you can ever provide to your concrete floors. It is not only a good investment in terms of cost but its contemporary designs and beautiful polished surfaces also […]

The Protection and Shine of Epoxy

There is no other more excellent way of protecting and sealing concrete floor than utilizing epoxy resin upon a floor surface. The technique does not only protect the surface, it also gives the floor, a reflective sheen of its own due to the clear appearance of the resin. It is typically used to protect and […]

Benefits of Using Epoxy Flooring

The use of epoxy flooring is usually prevalent in industrial and commercial buildings but there are also some instances when it can be found in domiciles and homes. Many people think of epoxy as the bonding agent that is commonly used to repair or connect items. In reality the concept behind epoxy flooring is basically […]

Epoxy Flooring Design Ideas

Epoxy flooring is one of the hardiest types of floorings available today. It is made of durable resin and other materials that make it ideal for commercial and industrial use as well as in places in the house which may be high traffic areas. Recent innovations and ideas for epoxy flooring have made it possible […]

What and types of epoxy flooring

It is not possible to talk about epoxy flooring, without the understanding of epoxy itself. Epoxy is an umbrella term for epoxy resin and epoxide functional group (or hardener in layman term). Both of them are chemical compounds, which can be combined or re-combined, via various reactions, to form tough and durable plastic-like materials that […]

The cost of epoxy flooring

Typically, the cost of epoxy flooring depends on several factors. First, the amount of epoxy to be used, the denser the amount of epoxy to be applied onto the floor, the higher the flooring cost. The most expensive type will consist of 100% solid epoxy. This kind of flooring is only common in industrial or […]

Low maintenance is not No maintenance

Some people laugh at the idea of maintaining epoxy floor. Indeed, the tough and long-lasting nature of epoxy cum its glossy outlook, often send out an illusion that it is brand new and needs low or no maintenance. Such idea is true to a certain extent, but if the floor happens to find itself in […]

Pros and Cons of Epoxy flooring

The advantages of epoxy flooring can be heavily summarised in three Rs: resistance, robust, and resilience. Resistance as epoxy flooring is not easily stained but easily maintained, a dust mop, broom, or simple neutral household cleaning solution will do the job. Robust as epoxy can be used as finishing for any kinds of ground work […]

Is my floor suitable for epoxy flooring?

There is a need to carry out intensive inspection, to ensure epoxy is suitable for the concrete or material it is going to apply on. Although epoxy can be applied on many types of ground such as wood, metal, and concrete, but not all type of ground can withhold epoxy, especially if more than a […]

Epoxy Flooring for Industrial Sites

Master Concrete Solutions Epoxy Flooring service is ideal for all commercial or industrial buildings. These sites, which can be seen as the ‘heavyweight’ version of all business spaces, are built for all kinds of industrial development. Some examples of these sites are warehouses, manufacturing plants, automobile shops, and even factories. Epoxy flooring for these places […]

Garage Epoxy Flooring

Make your garage stunning and transform it with Master Concrete Solutions’ Epoxy Flooring Service. Brighten up your plain old garage floor into a striking one with one of our most popular services and a decent variety of quality materials and color palettes to choose from. Garage Epoxy flooring is affordable but does not disappoint. Benefits […]

Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating

Leave the regular behind with Master Concrete Solutions Metallic Epoxy Floor coating and see just how astonishing a decorative seamless flooring can really be. The elegant and unique design of a metallic epoxy coated floor is recently becoming a trend to many high-end establishments. You may have noticed this elegant style at restaurants, show-rooms and […]

Master Concrete also provides a great mobile sandblasting service. This is useful for removing the top layer before resurfacing.