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(Note – the Inspire Church marbling effect is actually Acid Stained Concrete. We’ve put it in there to show you the difference)

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What To Expect From Master Concrete’s Polished Concrete Service

For the quality that it attains, concrete polishing would be about the cheapest method of creating a lavishly smooth, shiny and picturesque finish to any concrete surface. This is the main reason why polished flooring has become another fashion that people seek. At Master Concrete Resurfacing, we are intimately familiar with this technique and we are always ever ready to assist.

Concrete Polishing Before & After

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We are aware that concrete polishing is particularly popular with two users – homes and businesses. Its main attraction is its very low cost, which has lured people in homes and businesses to demand its installation in their floor spaces and on their premises. The technique is environmentally friendly, which is an advantage, especially during these times of widespread environmental awareness. It is also strong and durable which allows owners the luxury of not having to worry about their floor. Polished floors are reputed to last for a long time. Despite these enticing characteristics, we nevertheless warn that people to make an informed decision when opting in favour of polished concrete flooring.

Why choose the technique?
We would advise that the main reason is because it is a cheap technique and the finish to a polished concrete surface is similar to a marble or terrazzo surface. The similarity is the result of the polishing which makes the polished surface different from an ordinary surface. In addition to offering a pleasant view, a polished concrete surface is also resistant to damages as compared to other floor types. It is not surprising then that polished floors in homes and business premises do not fall victim to cracks or other faults on their surfaces.

Stain/dust-free Surface
We can truthfully claim that even tire marks fail to deface the unique surface of polished concrete flooring. In this instance, vehicles flowed freely over a section of polished concrete without leaving tyre marks. If tyre marks were left, they could be easily wiped off from the polished surface of the concrete surface. This is a truly remarkable quality of polished concrete that surpasses all expectations. All dust, grit or dirt can be easily removed with standard methods and after the cleansing, the surface returns to its normal clear and glittering appearance. If you doubt, we invite you a demonstration to prove that our claim is genuine.

In most homes and offices, hygiene is of paramount importance especially for health reasons and this also holds true for our office premises at MasterConcreteResurfacing.com.au. For both workers and occupants it is unthinkable that smudges or stains are left untouched, but with polished concrete, this problem is non-existent. Why? The surface of polished concrete does not absorb dust, dirt or stains. In fact, it is almost stain resistant and hence the main reason why institutions like hospitals and other buildings, including homes all favour polished concrete flooring.

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Master Concrete also provides a great mobile sandblasting service. This is useful for removing the top layer before resurfacing.

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