Polished Concrete – A Smooth Granite and Marble Appearance

We all know that granite and marble are very special strong rock types, used in propping up grand looking structures and provide shiny floors for very special buildings. What is not commonly known is that the same colour and texture of both rock types can be obtained from polishing concrete. The company, Master Concrete Resurfacing, is one of a few companies that can provide all the information on this polishing technique.

Polished concrete

The company will tell you that polished concrete is one that has been processed with a chemical substance that fills in the pores of a concrete surface enhancing its density. The denser surface will take a shinier polish and render the surface impervious to liquids thus eliminating the need for using sealants. The polishing process is executed by using grinding tools made of diamond cup wheels that progressively grind and level a concrete surface until it is polished at a grit level of 400 and finished at 3000. If you want a shiny, tough and impermeable floor surface, Master Concrete Resurfacing can polish one up for you.

The nagging question

Should you or should you not have a polished concrete floor? That is the question, but before you make an offhand decision it would be much better to make an informed one. Consider for instance that a polished concrete floor:

  • Uses materials that are already present, especially a concrete slab which forms the base of most modern buildings. There’s no need to buy new base materials.
  • Because of its extremely durable and easy to clean surfaces, a concrete polished floor has low maintenance levels and therefore low maintenance costs.
  • it reduces the incidence of dust and presence of allergens which is a plus for occupants who may have dust allergies or even asthma. In this sense it is an aid for health.
  • To the observer, the shiny surface may reduce the need to have excessive lighting in the room. Again, this may reduce the electricity bill.
  • Polished concrete floors are not easily susceptible to chip or dent thus guarding against the occasional dropping of a tea cup, fork or spoon further nullifying maintenance costs.
  • It can survive for over 100 years with proper periodic maintenance.



All sorts of artistic creativity can be applied to a polished concrete surface and this panorama creating skill is applied after the concrete surface has been polished. The designs are simply stunning and breath-taking and comprise a range of beautiful colouring options, scoring, radial lines, grids, bands, borders and other picturesque designs. All of these are specialty areas at Master Concrete Resurfacing. It is intimately familiar with the intricate production of polished concrete and what’s more, it is thoroughly customer sensitive and it will offer a service that falls within your budget.


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