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Concrete Resurfacing Styles to Choose From

Concrete resurfacing is a technique that contractors use to make old, drab concrete look fresh and new. Older houses and properties usually have the same look for their concrete slabs, which is why it is important to change these when the homeowner is renovating. The changes that can be done to the place will do wonders to its overall look and will not appear out of place.

Three Styles

There are three basic styles for concrete resurfacing that the homeowner can choose from. These are the etching, stenciling and stamping. Although the results look different from each other, the basic procedure is to have a clean concrete surface to work on.


There are two options for concrete etching; either an acid etch or use a sander to roughen the surface in order for the paint or design to adhere to it well. The use of the sander has gained popularity because many people who try to do the acid etching process themselves do not or cannot follow the instructions. In many cases, the efforts are a fail which is why many homeowners may need to hire professionals to do the job instead. For those who experience success in their decorative efforts, acid etching can be very satisfying because the effects of the acid on the concrete is totally random and can look a lot like natural stone, such as marble or granite. On the other hand, etching with the use of a sander and paints can also be satisfying because the desired design and results are almost always achieved, such as flower patterns on the floor or other things.


Stenciling is done by applying a heavy paper with a pattern on the concrete slab. When it is in place, several techniques can be done to apply the concrete overlay; cast-in-place, sandblasting and vertical applications, to mention a few. The results for stenciling are patterns that many can appreciate because it can be easily seen as a design. Usually, the designs have a grout applied to them to make them appear more obvious.

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Stamped concrete is usually utilized in outdoor areas such as patios, lanais and driveways. The process entails laying fresh surface concrete and then stamping with patterns that mimic original stone. The results are very authentic looking and many homeowners like the fact that it turns out cheaper compared to getting the real stones that they mimic.