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Decorative, Astounding and Panoramic Driveways

The view of a driveway is not simply a view. It is a panorama of the whole scene; it is a view of the driveway in front of the mansion or modern home and against the backdrop of natural flora surrounding the whole area. At Master Concrete Resurfacing we are true visionaries who can take one glance at the whole scenery of a site and recommend, on the spot, what kind of presence a driveway should make. A driveway can be made to shine on its own or as a blending piece of the whole.

Driveway ideas and designs                                             

At Master Concrete Restructuring, the list of ideas and designs on concrete driveways is endless but suffice it to say that the company can and has often used the following major designs on concrete driveways that have been covered with newly poured concrete:

  • Stamped concrete – if you prefer a tough surface that resembles a brick, slate or cobblestone surface amongst others for your driveway, then this should be your pick. Stamped concrete is solid, attractive, blends easily and is far cheaper to construct and maintain than the former natural stones. You can easily obtain further technical details from us on this unique technique.
  • Coloured concrete – an extensive range of deliberately selected colours that match the surrounding brick or stone configuration of your home, office and/or surroundings. Please contact us for more details on the exquisite range of colours available.
  • Concrete engraving – another outstanding technique that completely captivates the viewer’s attention because of the different use of colours. Though it is decorative, alluring and satisfying to look at, all it takes is a normal pour of plain concrete followed by staining and engraving to produce the desired finish. If you fancy this style, you can contact us and we will provide you with all the information you need.
  • Concrete stains

This is one of the most interesting uses of the staining technique. One would expect that the technique is used exclusively for interior purposes. This is not so as staining has been widely used to decorate the courtyards and fronts of homes and driveways. The finished surface is conspicuously shiny, tough and easy to clean, even from tire marks.

  • Resurfacing

What concrete resurfacing lacks in lustre and shine, it adequately makes up with durability, colour and strength. The process entails the removal of all surface damages to transform the drab and mundane surface into a rejuvenated and exciting surface finish. At Master Concrete Resurfacing a wide range of options in colour and patterns are available for renewing your particular driveway, patio or floor.

  • Saw cutting – the method adds variety to all the other techniques of concrete flooring. It involves cutting the concrete with a saw or grooving the concrete slab with a hand tool. Different colours are later added by using concrete stains making the different ‘fields’ to stand out in their different colours.


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