Ideal Conditions for Acid Stained Concrete Applications

Acid stained concrete has made a lasting impression of color and beauty on many individuals who wish to have a dwelling or building with a unique floor. The process of staining the concrete floor is basically simple but should be done with care since there are chemicals that are used for the procedure. Despite the ease of application, it is always a good idea to hire professionals since they are trained to do this and they have the proper knowledge to do so. There are plenty of do-it-yourself videos that can show the process for those who wish to do so but first time users should proceed with caution and be armed with the right tools and supplies. The concept behind acid stained concrete is for the chemicals to interact with the lime in the concrete to create the beautiful visual effects that many people strive for.

Right Conditions

Before anything else, the condition of the concrete should be ideal for the application. The acid mixture can be added to both new and old concrete. The results will vary depending on a lot of factors and there is almost always a different result every time. The right conditions for the concrete slab start with a clean slab. For new concrete, a clean slab is easy to achieve because when concrete has dried and is ready for processing, it is basically a clean slate. It is important, however, that the new concrete slab be ready for the application. Some of the concrete mixture might not be dry yet and this can affect the application of the acid stain.

Older concrete slabs that may have had tiles, carpeting, wood or any other type of flooring placed over it may need extensive cleaning in order to prepare it for acid staining. Rust spots, glue residue, chalk marks and paint are just some of the things that will need to be removed thoroughly from the floor in order for the acid stain to permeate it. Curing membranes, which are usually present in commercially prepared concrete floors, are particularly difficult to remove. Experts in the acid staining industry need to be thorough in doing so because once the acid stain mixture is applied and the results come out it is virtually impossible to redo and may cost a lot to do so. Professional cleaners have the right tools, equipment and supplies to do a thorough cleaning.