The most obvious benefit of marble polishing will be the aesthetic beauty it creates shortly after the work is being done. The reflective and glossy nature of well-polished marble will always leave behind inexpressible impression to those who witnessed it. Riding on the fact that marble comes with different colours, designs, and decorations, polishing enhances marble’s appearance which cannot be accomplished via normal cleaning of marble. This is because cleaning only removes dust and dirt but polishing remove the outer layer of the marble, to rejuvenate a new life again.

Furthermore, marble will have a longer lifespan after they had been polished. Polished marble is also known for its durability. Unlike wood, marble is a tough material, which is not easily scratched nor chipped off and polishing marble heightens this characteristic. Sealer is often applied during the polishing process, mending cracks or imperfections that are commonly visible but may create unknown long term harm, elongating the life of marble.

Marble is also not the kind of material which encouraged the growth of fungi, bacteria, or pest. As such, polished is suitable in many areas from hallways, to countertops, households, and even hospitals. Once marble is properly polished, there is no need to consider for a replacement.

Polished marble is known for its low maintenance. The cleaning involved in polished marble is rather minimal, a clean cloth or broom will remove most of the daily dust and dirt. Occasionally, wiping or small brush clean the marble with neutral supermarket detergent and warm water will also help in maintaining its overall appearance. Unless the marble is found in areas with high human or vehicle traffic, in which it is exposed to frequent friction or succumb to accumulation of sediments, if not, normal footwear or stepping, is hard to create apparent harm on polished marble.

However, polished marble does have some down side, one of which will it turned slippery when it is wet due to its glossiness. Therefore, it is still not advisable to use polished marble in bathroom or in areas prone to water. Besides, marble polish is the most expensive finishes available thus far, hence, not all users are open to the idea of spending a sum. Some may prefer adding protective coat from time to time to cut down on the cost. Others see it as a one of all expenditure and is willing to afford a large sum for a long lasting effect.

Indeed, if we truly will like to pin down the benefits of polished marble, a list is never enough. Besides, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, whether it is beneficial or not, is greatly dependent on the demand and needs of users, but what we cannot neglect is the choices we are being offered by the fancy of polished marble, at the end of the day.