Marble Polishing – Terrazo & Granite Polishing

mainStone such as marble, limestone, terrazo and granite are most commonly used in luxury hotels, high rise CBD office buildings, and luxury houses as they symbolize architectural beauty and wealth that cannot be portrayed by the cheaper tiles.

After years of usage, stone loses its beauty and thus value.

Master Concrete Resurfacing has had years of experience polishing / buffing these stone to bring out the natural beauty that these stones possess. Our marble experts are highly trained and skilled and utilise only the best in products, equipment and techniques to ensure precision and expertise in each job performed. We have experience in all types of marble work and all size jobs with quality workmanship always a top priority.

Marble Grinding

Marble grinding is a technique used to maintain your stone’s life for many generations. Master Concrete uses the most advanced techniques with minimal mess and inconvenience.

Some Grinding Services Offered Include:
• Leveling and Lippage Removal
• Grinding
• Polishing

With high quality marble grinding Sydney performed by Master Concrete, it is not necessary to grind the marble as often. Once we have completed our work, we will advise you on the best way of taking care of your new surface so its enjoyable for decades.

Marble Polishing

Marble polishing is used to bring the life back into your marble or to add luster to a dull stone. Our equipment, technology and technicians use only the best cleaning materials for a meticulous job performance. Marble polishing is tricky because of the natural variation in the stone, and the stone is a softer stone, comprised of many different minerals. Over time marble can lose its lustre and become damaged. Marble polishing services from Master Concrete restores the stone’s natural beauty adding value to your home and business.

The twins of marble polishing

When the word “polish” is mentioned, especially in the context whereby marble is concerned, the first image which comes to many people’s minds will be the shiny and glossy surfaces which literally take up all characteristics of a mirror. However, not many people realised that polish, is just the many ways of marble finish. Other […]

The common misunderstanding about marble polishing

It is a definite chicken and egg because no one knows how these misunderstanding about marble polishing come about. They are neither clarified by experts in the field nor illustrated in details by those who experienced them. People who carry these misconceptions are often viewed as ignorant. Despite so, do not be surprised that, sometimes, […]

Factors affecting the Cost of Marble Polishing

Do not regard marble polish as a mere day-to-day maintenance job because if treated carelessly, the cost of it may even be higher than the installation of marble itself. However, do not worry about marble polishing of robbing a sum from you, especially if you have a good understanding of the factors affecting the rate. […]

The benefits of Marble Polishing

The most obvious benefit of marble polishing will be the aesthetic beauty it creates shortly after the work is being done. The reflective and glossy nature of well-polished marble will always leave behind inexpressible impression to those who witnessed it. Riding on the fact that marble comes with different colours, designs, and decorations, polishing enhances […]

Differences between marble polishing and marble honed

Marble is versatile; they can be spotted almost everywhere. Hallways of buildings, restaurants’ countertops, hotels’ pillars, homes, and even status. We are often overwhelmed by the kinds of colours, designs, and combinations that marble can offer us. However, not many realised that behind this beautiful shade, there lie a secret factor which is going to […]