Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating

Leave the regular behind with Master Concrete Solutions Metallic Epoxy Floor coating and see just how astonishing a decorative seamless flooring can really be. The elegant and unique design of a metallic epoxy coated floor is recently becoming a trend to many high-end establishments. You may have noticed this elegant style at restaurants, show-rooms and even inside homes.

What is this Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating?

Simply put, we mix metallic pigment in with a simple low yellowing epoxy that is manipulated during the application and coating process to reflect light at different angles. When the epoxy has dried, the finished look that it will give you is a smooth, glass like finish that gives a multi-dimensional liquid design, and has a unique and elusive reflective style. It is because of this varying and creative installation technique, it is guaranteed that all coated floors or substrate will have a distinct design.

What are the Benefits of this Style?

Well, aside from being stunning and aesthetically pleasing, these metallic epoxy floor coatings also have many other advantages. Here at Master Concrete Solutions, your metallic epoxy floor coatings will be tailored to the best standard. It will be extremely durable, not cracking under extreme pressures and temperatures. The coat will also give a protective layer to the concrete floor. It will also be antimicrobial, low yellowing and of course, seamless. This protective layer is not only pretty but will also prevent an upsurge in your maintenance costs in the long-run. We use only the best materials to make the finished product resistant to slipping and can survive exposure to most potent chemicals. Not only will these floors look gorgeous, but they will meet all of your performance needs. They are great for places like waiting rooms, show rooms, restaurants, galleries and more.

Not only does it look fantastic, astoundingly, Master Concrete Solutions Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating is also very affordable. This service is cost-effective. Not only does it have a practical price but we also assure that long-lasting strength and durability of your floor. As always, we guarantee the highest quality service for your home or business establishment.

Color Options

We at Master Concrete Solutions provide you a variety of color palettes to choose from for your metallic epoxy floor coating. Select the perfect one to fit your style and we’ll make your establishment look stunning.