Low maintenance is not No maintenance

Some people laugh at the idea of maintaining epoxy floor. Indeed, the tough and long-lasting nature of epoxy cum its glossy outlook, often send out an illusion that it is brand new and needs low or no maintenance. Such idea is true to a certain extent, but if the floor happens to find itself in heavy human traffic site or a garage not tired of in and out tires, perhaps there is a need to revamp such idea.


No matter how clean the epoxy flooring site is, it is unavoidable, not to find traces of dust, dirt, and occasional spills. Therefore, there is a need to clear off these minute nonsenses, so as to keep the floor’s shiny surface and ensure its glossiness to prevent fading. As dust and dirt do not stick on epoxy floors hence once a week dust mopping or spot cleaning, will complete the most basic form of epoxy maintenance. In certain area whereby anti-slippery is heavily emphasised during flooring process, a broom may help in clearing unwanted dirt. Clean cloth or paper towel will also be sufficient to undo minor spills.


In the unlikely event of stains, mix hot water with common household cleaning solution in the ratio of 1:8 or half a cup of ammonia and clean the affected area with cloth and wipe dry after which. This method is also relevant for clearing away fluid stain or road salts that had left dried on the surface. Do note that the longer the stain is being left on the surface, the harder it is to clean it away. Hence any stains, especially foot prints or tire marks, need to be clean as soon as possible.


Epoxy floor does have its nemesis; one of them will be the string mop, which habitually leaves behind stroke mark if it is not drained or used properly. Another will be cleaning solutions that contained citrus or vinegar, their acidic properties may remove glossiness of epoxy, if they are being used often enough. Thus, neutral nature cleaning solution is most ideal. Furthermore, do not apply too much force scrubbing or brushing the floor as it will also reduce the glossiness in the long run.


Ideally, if the epoxy floor is located at or near heavy human traffic site, a floor mat may be placed near the entrance, for walk-ins to lightly dry their shoes, so as to minimise the possibility of leaving behind foot prints. Similarly, in tire-prone areas, plywood or card boards may also by lay over the epoxy floor so as to prevent leaving behind unwanted tire marks. Polishing and waxing are encouraged, especially if the epoxy floor had been idled for some time without proper maintenance or when it turns dull. Do engage professionals or experts who have helped in the epoxy flooring process, for more information on overall maintenance.