The fight between stained and polished concrete

It is hard not to mention stained concrete when we are talking about polished concrete. Both are equally popular and first time users may have a tough time deciding which is best for them, especially if they never consult an agent or do not receive all rounded information.

Actually, the main different lie between the two is polished concrete is a couple of dollar per square foot higher than stained concrete because more equipment and manpower are to be involved in the former as compare to the latter.

Nevertheless, polished concrete tend to last longer so many companies will still choose it over stained concrete as it worry free them in the future. Moreover, some users find that stained concrete is a mere going over the existing material with a layer of coat to achieve that anticipated look, but most of the time the effort put in to protect and maintain it, is just not worth the attention.

Stained concrete and polished concrete also differ when it comes to application. Polished concrete is best use in large area whereby human traffic is high. For example, shopping malls, warehouses, and stadium etc. with the mind set of large expenses in exchange for its low maintenance. On the other hand, stained concrete is better for less elaborate places like shops, restaurants, or even houses, offering stylish look at lower cost.

As for installation, steps involved in polishing concrete can be completed as grinders are used to remove the top part of the concrete before several successive polished using grits and the grit will get finer and finer with each round of polish, so as to achieve a shiny and smooth end product. Often chemicals will be used to make polished concrete stronger. For stained concrete, it is completed only during the colouring process, whereby paints are literally imprinted onto the concrete. Simple grinding or washing using acid may be involved so as to ensure the end product is imperfection free.

Even though it is termed as low maintenance, both stained and polished concrete require certain amount of cleaning. Nonetheless, polished concrete definitely bears the lowest overall need for care. During polishing, the sealer actually mend all the cracks and pores found in between concrete, making it more durable in the process as moisture or dirt which lessen the sturdiness of concrete, will not be able to accumulate. For stained concrete, if coat or protective wax is re-applied constantly, it will also have such long lasting effect. The replacement of coat will depend on if the area has sustained heavy human traffic or suffers many scratches.

The present of differences means users are given more freedom to exercise their choices. Never hesitate to find out more if you are ever in doubt with either stained concrete or polished concrete.