Concrete Water-based Staining Why use this technique?

Using stained concrete to decorate the floor quickly becoming popular to many proprietors who would like to achieve a different aesthetic style for a cost-effective price. It creates a trending distinct result that cannot be replicated using other mediums such as paint. Here at Master Concrete solutions, we use only the best concrete water-based stains that work by permeating with the concrete floor, penetrating the surface by flowing into the concrete’s pores and binding with the cement. Unlike acid-based stains for concrete however, no chemical reaction occurs and so the resulting color is much more consistent. Also, unlike regular paint that gives a plain opaque look, concrete staining will give your floor a more translucent finish. Concrete water-based staining is a promising procedure due to its simple application, easy clean-up, low odor and brighter colors.

Why choose Master Concrete Solutions?

Since water-based stains are not that permanent unlike acid-based ones, proper application techniques and paraphernalia are essential in order to have the best quality results possible and keep the stain from wearing away after a few months. Luckily here at Master Concrete Solutions, our expert workers and professionals are well skilled and equipped with the right expertise and tools to deliver your venture on time and handle your concerns with ease. We assure finest results by following protocols set to the best standard and guarantee high quality service and long-term value with Master Concrete Solutions.

Color Options

The main advantage of using water-based staining to acid-based ones is the variety of colors to choose from. Unlike acid-based stain whose color options are generally limited to earthy hues and subtle colors such as browns and tans, using water-based stain will allow you to have greater options. Because water-based stain binds with the concrete pigments, brighter hues are available and depending on the current trends, an expanded color palette that would be easier to match the interior of your home or business establishment.


Although not as permanent as acid-based stains, Master Concrete Solutions water-bases stains is proven lightfast, durable and has UV Stability. Because the stain penetrates the concrete surface it is not going to be vulnerable to chipping, flaking and peeling that commonly happens to regular paint. It has a longer lifespan and is much more hard-wearing than regular paint. Master Concrete Solutions assure that the color is resistant for a long time to wear away caused by foot traffic and extreme temperature.