Concrete Acid Staining – Why use this technique?

Stained concrete is popular to many homeowners who want to achieve a different decorative style for a sensible cost. It creates a distinct effect that cannot be achieved by any other medium. Here at Master Concrete solutions, we use only the best acid stains that work by permeating with the concrete floor, penetrating the surface and chemically reacting with the concrete to infuse it with rich and deep tones. Unlike paint that gives a plain opaque look, acid staining will make your concrete floor much antiqued with its translucent effects. Once applied the effect is permanent on the concrete and will never fade, chip, or peel away.

Why choose Master Concrete Solutions?

In order to achieve the perfect results when staining concrete using acid-based mixtures and materials, the proper tools and application techniques are very necessary. Once the stain has been applied, the concrete floor can no longer be unstained. You should also consider safety when working with acid-based chemicals as they contain very corrosive ingredients that can cause eye irritation, skin damage and nausea through strong odors. Here at Master Concrete Solutions, our expert workers and professionals are well skilled and equipped with the right expertise and tools to deliver your venture on time and handle your concerns with ease. We assure finest results by following protocols set to the best standard and guarantee high quality service and long-term value with Master Concrete Solutions.

Color Options

The color options for concrete acid staining is commonly restricted to earthy hues, mostly subtle tones such as tans, browns, terra cottas and soft blue-greens. This however does not mean that there is no variety for your design. We can choose to apply a second coat using a different hue of stain to achieve a different shade or we can use the same color twice to produce an even deeper effect. These tints that they coat is much more semi-transparent rather than the opaqueness of paint, resulting in attractive marbling effects and rich tones.


One of the advantages of concrete acid stain is its permanence. This is because the stain penetrates the concrete surface and as stated, is not going to be vulnerable to chipping, flaking and peeling. It therefore has a long lifespan and is much more hard-wearing than regular paint. Master Concrete Solutions assures durability and resistance to wear away from foot traffic and weather conditions.